Monday, March 28, 2011

Unprecedented vendor/solution churn expected in Talent Management Systems market

Based on Bersin & Associates’ comprehensive research on the Talent Management Systems market, the unprecedented level of change in the landscape related to vendor M&A activity and on-going product suite build-outs might now be contributing to a never-before-seen amount of churn with respect to vendor/solution replacement activity.

This interesting market dynamic, with obviously major implications for both solution providers and end-customers, will be covered from several angles and in different forums at Bersin & Associates’ annual IMPACT conference -- April 26th to 28th, St Petersburg, FL.

We previously highlighted the generally mediocre customer satisfaction scores garnered by most Talent Management Solution purveyors in our recent TMS Customer Satisfaction research and Report

More specifically, the majority of solution providers received an overall customer satisfaction score of 3.5 or less on a 5.0 scale, the equivalent of getting a grade of 70 or less on a 100 point exam.

Our additional investigation into trends in the market revealed a somewhat startling finding. When respondents were asked how likely their organization was to switch TM System components in the next 12 months, one quarter to almost one third responded with “extremely likely” or “somewhat likely” – responses varying modestly based on specific TM System component, as follows: Learning Management: 31%, Talent Acquisition: 28%, and Performance Management: 23%.

These findings and other likely eye-openers will be discussed and analyzed (e.g., tied to potential market drivers) at IMPACT end of April … which as you can see, has an agenda chock-full of practitioner panel discussions, presentations and roundtables, and of course Bersin & Associates research overviews.

Hope to see you there, and benefit from your perspective in our many lively discussions.

Steve Goldberg