Tuesday, August 16, 2016

5 potentially game-changing HR Tech capabilities that seem to be missed opportunities for HR Tech vendors so far … from a list of 60+ I’ve compiled

1) Data-driven guidance as to when it’s best to fill a staffing gap by using a temp or contractor, training an incumbent, transferring or redeploying an employee, or hiring a new employee

2) Broad-based organizational readiness assessments based on a myriad of HCM factors

3) Comprehensive talent management for contingent (and other extended workforce) workers

4) Critical aspects of supporting the “HR-M+A life cycle”; e.g., harmonizing and standardizing comp and benefits plans and practices between the 2 companies, determining the optimal pace and scope of right-sizings, mitigating key employee retention risks, assessing cultural compatibility and identifying compliance risks during due diligence, etc.

5) HCM-related factors that are likely contributing to a trajectory change in key business metrics like revenue per employee, declining sales, slower product innovation, customer retention, etc.

Steve Goldberg
HR Technology Advisor

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