Sunday, June 3, 2012

5 Key Questions to Ask your Prospective HR Technology Provider

Based on insights and some "hard lessons" gleaned from procuring and implementing the solutions of over 20 HR Technology vendors as a global HRIS practitioner, and then moving over to the solution provider side in various executive roles, I would urge all companies evaluating HR technology vendors to ask the 5 questions below.  I will explain the thinking behind each of these in subsequent blog posts.

(1) Can you provide some data on how you've executed in recent years against your product roadmap?

(2) How do you define the word 'solution'?

(3) What are the various ways that you specifically ensure customer success?

(4) Which of your product capabilities would you say are "truly game-changing" if any, and can you provide examples of customers that have experienced this type of business impact?

(5) How do you deal with a situation where a large and strategic customer requests product changes or enhancements that would likely not be applicable to -- or leveraged by -- many other customers?

Steve Goldberg
June 2012

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